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Photographic Associations and What They Do

If you feel a little lost as you navigate your way through the hundreds of photography associations, you can find some great advice here on finding an association that’s right for you. The following photographic associations in the USA mentioned here are hard to match.

American Society of Media Photographers

This is a respected trade association that features the world’s most well-known photographers. The association promotes the rights of photographers, provides photography courses and other educational material. It promotes photography and its business practices and helps professionals connect with clients.

The society was founded in 1944 and currently boasts more than 7,000 members.

Photographic Society of America

This reputable society was established way back in 1934 and currently has members in more than 60 countries worldwide. It takes first prize as the largest association of its kind. It works to gather professional and amateur photographers or aspiring photographers of all ages and levels. It functions as a nonprofit organization, and its goal is to promote the art and science of photography among all photography enthusiasts.

North American Nature Photography Association

As the name clearly suggests, this association works to promote the art and science of nature photography. It inspires individuals who are passionate about the environment to use photography to communicate with the world and emphasize the importance of environmental protection. It is also a great source of information, education, and inspiration and provides countless opportunities for all individuals interested in nature photography. Above all, it encourages responsible photography when heading out into the wild.

Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society was established centuries ago in 1853, and it promotes the Art and Science of Photography. The goal and mission of this society are still ongoing. You do not need to have ‘’royal blood’’ to be a part of this prestigious organization. Membership is open to everyone interested in photography throughout the world.

You can be a professional or an amateur, artist or scientist, young or old. However, there are groups within the society that are identified as ‘’specialist groups’’. The association often hosts events to promote the Science of Photography.

The Society for Photographic Education

This society is a nonprofit organization. It was also established ages ago, way back in 1853, to ‘’promote the Art and Science of Photography’’. When you sign up as a member here, you get access to a forum to discuss photography matters and other related subjects.

With diverse groups of photographers from around the world, you are sure to get some valuable insights here.