Building the photography world


Acquiring The Best Resources for Professional Photography

Learning more about photography services and all the elements of professional photography is essential if you are serious about the profession. Once you start using photography resources, you will open doors to a brighter future, where you can follow your passion with confidence.

Excellent Online Resources to Keep You on Track

We will provide you with a few resources here if you would like to learn more about professional photography. Many sites offer free photography courses that allow you to learn a lot. It is important to lay a strong foundation for your photography career if you plan to do it for a living. This is a good place to start.

Photodoto Email Course

If you want to make some profit from your photography adventures, you can grab a free email course with Photodoto. You get seven free lessons that will cover all the basics to help you on your way to taking better photographs. These lessons are quick and practical.

Portrait Lighting on Location

If you are new to the photography profession, you can learn some nifty lighting techniques from the video course offered by Portrait Lighting on Location. You can get more than 6 hours of free video instruction. You can learn how to use light to your advantage.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

John Greengo hosts this exciting course. He leads the way with over 30 years of experience in nature photography. His course can inspire you to pursue your photography dreams. Let John teach you about photography gear and camera settings.